Monday, March 24, 2008

Wasabi - I just can't get enough!

I adore sashimi and the ubiquitous condiment that goes with it -- the Japanese horseradish, wasabi. The green or mustardy paste just delivers such a kick to the raw fish slices.

So imagine my unbridled delight when I came across this bottled wasabi rice topping while I was shopping at the Otaru Seafood Market. Granted, it's bottled artificial flavoring, but it captured perfectly the fiery taste of wasabi in its minuscule pellets. Concocted with sesame seeds and seaweed flakes, this "powder-mix" is highly addictive when sprinkled liberally on top a bowl of fragrant, steamed white rice! Barely a month back from my trip, I've nearly emptied my bottle. Really regretted not stocking up on more!

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