Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snipping a bob in Guangzhou

Le Salon, Garden Hotel, Guangzhou

You've probably heard of the trendy hair salons in Hong Kong and Shanghai. But do you know that such a salon exists in food haven Guangzhou too? Well, at least I didn't, till I stepped foot into Garden Hotel and chanced upon Le Salon (of no relation to the Kim Robinson's Le Salon, the owner simply called it thus because he liked the generic French name of it).

I had wanted to snip one of those trendy concave bob hair-styles that Hong Kong stylists are so adept at (again, an assumption I made based purely on personal observations, seeing that you can easily spot a great bob haircut on the streets of Hong Kong). So it was sheer serendipity that while waiting for my table at Peach Blossom Restaurant (see post), I wandered into Le Salon and met owner-cum-artistic director, Jac Miller. It was pretty early in the day, so he had no appointments and I had sufficient leisure time to spare after my meal, and thus a promising haircut appointment was made.

Like the rest of Garden Hotel, Le Salon's interiors were elegant and comfortable. I was showed to a private styling room whereby I was pampered with my own private TV, the ubiquitous stash of magazines and a bonus glass panelled view of some spot of greenery.

I paid RMB 320 (USD 44, SGD 64) which I think was a great bargain for an artistic director's cut and I also had one of those good, invigorating, massage hair-washes that China is known for. Jac is actually an Indonesian-Chinese that hails from Hong Kong. He trained in London and has 20-odd years of experience, honing his skills in Hong Kong. So no worries about miscommunication due to lack of Chinese proficiency. Jac speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Owner-cum-artistic director, Jac Miller

As Jac still returns to Hong Kong to service his loyal customers, he travels to and fro between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Also, he charges cheaper for his services in Guangzhou, half the price of what he charges in Hong Kong. If you'll like to request for Jac's services, you may wish to call beforehand to pre-book.

When I visited the salon in September, I was told that it was newly opened just 6 months ago and plans are afoot to open one more salon at the shopping and commercial district of Tianhe, Guangzhou.

Le Salon
Address: Shop P08, The Garden Hotel, No. 368 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou.
Tel: (020) 83338989-3444; Mobile: 13433990621

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