Thursday, November 22, 2007

On-board the train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong

On-board the Ktt

Took a train ride from Guangzhou to Hong Kong The journey was a convenient and comfortable ride.

There are 3 train companies that ply the Guangdong Line - Ktt ( owned by Hong Kong operator KCRC) , Xinshishu and Semi-high Speed (the later two are owned by China Mainland railway authority).

All Guangzhou-Hong Kong trains depart from the Guangzhou East Station and arrive at the Hung Hom Station in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The journeys take about 2 hours; longer if your train stopover at Dong Guan (Chang Ping station) and shorter if it's a direct train.

It was my first time travelling by train in China, so I played it safe by getting the most expensive ticket, hoping that this will translate into a safer, more comfortable ride. And it was money well spent. Bought the Premium Class tickets on-board the direct-service Ktt at HKD 230 (approx USD30, SGD43) for a single trip.

The train were relatively well-kept and standards were akin to some of the better trains I've taken in Europe. The seats in the Premium Class were spacious and comfortable.

Even the next lower category First Class at HKD 190 (approx USD25, SGD35) had reasonably good, albeit, slightly narrower seats than Premium's.

Ticket price is inclusive of light refreshments - an offering of drinks, coffee or tea and cookies. Dining service is also available, with items on a menu card to be ordered at additional cost.

A gripe I have with travelling on long commutes (be it via train, plane or ship) is getting around heeding the call of nature. Without major grief or nose-pinching. So it was with great relief that I found the restrooms clean and well-maintained.

But perhaps the thing I was most grateful for (and you would think it's a given) is that the Ktt trains have a luggage holding area. Which really helps when you're travelling with medium-sized (or larger) luggages.

Due to schedule timing, I had to take the Xinshishu on the return journey, where the trains were unfortunately not as well-kept and I had to leave my luggage near the train doors as there isn't a designated holding area for them.


So being the neurotic that I am, I kept checking over my shoulder every now and then to reassure myself that the luggages were not tampered with. So yeah, would definitely recommend paying abit more and taking the Ktt trains when you can, for a better ease of mind.

The difference between the ticket price of Xinshishu (no categories; homogenised seats) and that of a Ktt Premium Class ticket is HKD 40 (approx USD5, SGD7.50) and if you travel Ktt First Class, it's the same price as a Xinshishu ticket. In my opinion, it's money well-spent for an ease of mind and hassle-free travel.

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laradunston said...

I'm with you! Clean rest rooms are pretty important to me too!

The Vinilla Guerrilla said...

Thanks for this, I was trying to decide to fly or take the train to Guangzhou... will give the train a try..